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Top 7 Places To Visit Near Melbourne By Booking A Maxi Cab

Posted On: May 21,2020

Melbourne is a magnificent city in Victoria. This beautiful city offers a good climate, infrastructure and lots of places that are worth exploring. Melbourne is one of the top Australian travel destinations, attracting millions of people every year. Not only is the city full of places that catch your attention, but, Melbourne also has many locations that are equally worth visiting. A few hours drives from the city, Melbourne has many places to visit. Here we have listed out top 7 visiting places near Melbourne, Australia that you would like to book a maxi cab for a trip to Victoria with your family and friends on your day trip.

1.The Great Ocean Road & The Twelve Apostles

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most iconic and bucket-listed road trips in the world. For many visitors, this would be the absolute highlight of a trip to Melbourne; It takes you somewhere in the country among the most fascinating, wild and most photographed natural scenes. The drive starts or ends on the coast in Torquay, south of Melbourne city center. From Torque, it travels west for about 250 kilometres, until it reaches the town of Allansford. You don't have to drive the entire route, but make sure you reach as far as the amazing Twelve Apostles - an edge of weather-beaten rocks just a few miles from the coast. They are completely different from any other natural attraction found anywhere around Melbourne.

Location: Prince Town, Victoria, Australia

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2.French Island National Park

The mystery of the mangrove salt marshes, with eucalyptus-munching koalas and 15 km of coastline, is a relatively unknown French Island National Park campus and a peaceful shelter for nature lovers. It is a short hour 81 km from M1 to Stoney Point on the Mornington Peninsula and unless your car has the capacity for a Chitti Bang Bang and can convert to a boat, you will find a 15-minute passenger ferry from Stony Will need to be taken. Points towards the island. Explore the island by bus, bike or walking.

Location: Takerton Rd, French Island, Victoria, Australia

3.The Grampians

If you are a lover of hiking activities, Grampians is the destination for you. The Grampians is located a three-hour drive from Melbourne. This national park consists of a rugged mountain range and is famous for the stunning rocky scenery it offers. These are another rarely talked place in Victoria, but once you visit that place you absolutely love that place. There is also a lovely town called Halls Gap, which is located in the heart of the Grampians. If you are walking with children, you can visit the Halls Gap Zoo or you can take a walk on the Pinnacle Walk, which offers some breathtaking views of the Halls Gap.

Location: Victoria, Australia

4.Daylesford And The Macedon Ranges

For the final short road-trip in relaxation, take the Calder Freeway out of Melbourne and head for the hills for an instantaneous temperature drop - possibly even reaching you for your Woollies. Daylesfield and Hepburn Springs are well-known for their luxurious spas, but the natural beauty and swimming holes are also local choice. Hearty pub food encircling the towns of the Macedonian range such as Kyneton, Macedon and Wooden, and eating fresh local produce in weekend markets and delighting gourmet enthusiasts.

Location: Hepburn Springs, Victoria, Australia

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Reconnect with your inner hippies and head for the cooling and lush arms of the rainforest at the winding bend of the Yarra Valley. A hit with the devastating Black Saturday Fire in 2009, Marysville has been completely remodelled and continues to rejuvenate the surrounding beauty through the Great Dividing Range. Not far from the city center is Stevenson Falls, a 350-meter falling waterfall that is the highest in Victoria. To avoid tourists, take the Lady Talbot Drive on a short drive through the moss-covered forests to a leisurely running track and calm the flowing creeks.

Location: Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia

6.Phillip Island's Penguin Parade

Phillip Island, about 140 kilometers from Melbourne city center, is a top destination for wildlife lovers. Every night at sunset, visitors gather on the beach at Philip Nature Park to watch enchanting penguins on the beach. Before Penguin Parade, as it is said, you can visit some of the nearby wildlife parks. See koalas in their natural habitat at the Koala Conservation Center; Hand feeding kangaroos and walls at Phillip Island Wildlife Park; Or take a trip to Noboise, a boardwalk that skirts the headland's seabird garden with breathtaking views of the coast. Small penguins often rest here, and in the spring, keep an eye out for silver gull chicks. For more information about the region's ecology, stop by the free Nobbies Center and browse for educational demonstrations. From here the Bass Strait is located in Seal Rocks, Australia's largest fur seal colony. Bring binoculars to see the seals or board a wildlife cruise for closer views. An easy way to get to this top attraction from Melbourne is the Phillip Island Tour. This full-day excursion includes all attractions, including viewing wildlife at the Maru Koala and Animal Park; Nobbies; And the famous Penguin Parade, with optional upgrades for a closer look.

Location: Summerlands, Victoria, Australia.

7.Mornington Peninsula

Located in the south of Melbourne and north of Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula is a beautiful area of magnificent beaches, attractive seaside communities and natural beauty. Some of the best beaches and bays in the area are found here and you can be in search of every hidden cove for weeks and weeks and the stretch of the beach can be seen. A large part of natural scenery can be discovered within the protected Mornington Peninsula National Park. It is very close to Melbourne, but it is really far from the urban life and busy streets of the city.

Location: Victoria, Australia

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