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Book Maxi Van to Enjoy a Budget-Friendly, Safe Ride Amidst COVID Situations

Posted On: sep 14,2021

The COVID-19 has changed our life including, how we work, how we interact with others, and how we go out. However, anyway, amid the pandemic, we are somehow returning to our routine life. Some people are going back to the office while others are going on a trip or traveling outside the country. Though you may travel or not, you might think whether it is safe to do so.

Most people think that traveling via public transportation might make them contract infections, and booking a private taxi might cost more. We are unsure about the first statement, as we cannot simply say everyone who takes public transportation will be infected. However, we can surely deny the second statement, as Book maxi van offers you a more affordable way to ride around.

We understand that you all have been going through difficult times for more than a year due to lockdown, social distancing, temporary job loss, etc. So, we have decided to make you happy at least while traveling via our maxi cab in Melbourne Though we cannot do much, we can lose a bit for our dearest customers. Want to know what is it? Read on!

Our Exclusive Discounts for You!

We are happy to announce that, we are now offering 10% off the meter fare and 25% off for people booking maxi vans with Mptp wheelchairs We know that you want to stay safer and protected in the middle of the COVID-19, so we used to sanitize our taxis before and after every ride and request drivers to take vaccinations and wear masks. This is our small effort to ensure that you can ride us with peace of mind and extra protection.

We also have another safety feature in our cabs, which is GPS tracking. This will help you share your trip status with your contacts in real-time. Also, all our drivers have gone past a background check for their driving record and experience in driving. So, you can book our maxi van without any hesitations even during the pandemic. Whether it is for a trip to the nearby city or airport transfer, our quick booking features help you book the cab immediately in your time of need.

An Affordable, Safe Ride Is Awaiting for You

Besides these discounts, our taxi comes with sophisticated features, such as wheelchair-accessible cabs for elders, baby-seats for kids, contactless payments, and pre-booking features. While enjoying an affordable ride, you can experience privacy, utmost convenience, and timely service with us.

So, with no further delays, book a cab at If you want to learn more about our offer, please get in touch with one of our friendly staff at 0470188280. We wish you a happy, healthy ride. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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